About Clerestory Consulting

Clerestory is a Change Management and Operations Improvement consulting firm that helps organizations and their partners develop and adopt new processes, skills, and technologies.

For over fifteen years, our clients have told us that Clerestory is different from other Change Management firms. We work with our clients to operationalize their business strategies and pride ourselves on seeing our recommendations through to results. We lead our clients in creating sustainable change in their businesses - the kind of change that sticks - the kind of change that reduces costs and increases profitability.

People who have been around big change projects have often learned things the hard way. You don’t have to be one of them. We know how to lead the process of change with our clients. We've learned to communicate change through new workflows, presentations, kickoff meetings, newsletters, all-hands meetings, working sessions, demonstrations, project websites, podcasts, and learning portals... It’s a lot of work, but our goal is not to communicate, it’s to change behavior. To change behavior you need the kind of focused attention and expertise that Clerestory brings to the table.

Our broad change management knowledge and deep experience with processes, technology, organization design, and cost-benefit analysis - coupled with knowing what makes people tick - goes beyond Change Management to real solution engineering.

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    • July 18, 2019
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