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If you go for our triple package, you can assume that our copywriting team will work between 7 to 9 hours on your profile to make sure you land your dream job as fast as possible.


For ANY professional with more than 10 years of work experience. Are you an experienced Employee, Manager, Director or even a CXO, (S)VP, Head of Business Unit, Board Member or Top Management Leader looking for the most persuasive and engaging job hunting tool? Our writers will focus on bringing out your unique skill sets and craft a resume that is powerful, persuasive, succinct and Applicants Tracking System (ATS) optimised. Studies show that your resume has less than 6 seconds to convince a hiring manager or HR representative. With our resumes, 6 seconds are more than enough to persuade recruiters that YOU are the ideal candidate.

The cover letter will be crafted in such a way that you will be able to use it each time you submit your resume to a prospective employer. It has a huge impact on how you are perceived by employers, and it is CRITICAL that you have a persuasive one to complete your resume.

Select this option and we’ll craft your LinkedIn content from scratch. It will be optimised to generate tons of leads. You will receive a LinkedIn profile matching the most-used keywords in your industry to bring it to the top of search results, so you’ll be spotted by all recruiters of your industry. We’ll turn your profile into a LEAD GENERATION MACHINE, you won’t be disappointed.

>> Link to our website: https://excellenceresumes.com/product/senior/


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“Why Do We Exist?”

I’m Fabien Ghys. After spending 10 successful years within the corporate world, where I provided recruitment and talent acquisition consultancy to a large portfolio of multinational companies, I noticed a big problem. Candidates and recruiters were obviously frustrated. Most recruitment techniques were a failure and often brilliant candidate profiles were overlooked simply because they didn’t possess the tools and skills required to sell themselves properly. I knew something was wrong. I wanted to equip professionals with efficient, intelligent job searching methods and tools required to be spotted by the radars of recruiters and HR managers in the modern world. To fulfil this purpose I built a small yet highly efficient, personally-selected-by-me team of HR managers, executive recruiters, copywriters and marketing experts who would obsess over one single goal: to position the candidates as the leaders within their industry. This is when ExcellenceResumes was BORN.
Since that day we’ve worked hard to help job hunters win in the contemporary, constantly changing, increasingly digital, job hunt market.

“What Happened Since Then?”

Rapidly, ExcellenceResumes emerged as the World’s number #1 leader in the professional resume and LinkedIn profile writing space, and also in the digital world. As I always say: “We do a lot more than simply writing resumes”. I am confident that the digital marketing tools we’re about to introduce will leave you amazed. We’ve got there by constantly going the extra mile, setting ourselves apart with our ability to boost resumes and LinkedIn profiles with real, relevant-in-today’s-world HR and recruitment expertise, captivating designs, while our competitors focused on filling documents using the same outdated techniques over and over…
I have added the latest in digital marketing capability to what we can offer you. Doing so has enabled ExcellenceResumes to extend your visibility far and wide into the digital world, where recruiters and employers are more likely to be looking for you today: on LinkedIn.

“Should You Go Ahead?”

If you’ve made it this far, you definitely should go ahead. We’ve served hundreds of professionals since we started and the end result has always been the same: happy clients impressed by the ROI they get. Also, I keep a close eye on each order we process. All our clients get a World-Class service. Simply get your best package and the executive writer assigned to your order will reach out to you via email within the next hours to get started on. (Check your spam folder)